maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 19th February 2012.

The temperatures are beginning to rise slowly,will this be the beginning of the march out of winter where i have spent much time trawling through the pastures of melancholy madness,will this mean i will pass this way sit awhile and jot down the strange thoughts in my head as my warm hearted transvestite self begins to think of pulling on my stockings clipping on those suspender belts and feeling that heady rush of nylon on skin, as i clip the last fastener i know why being a transvestite eats away my male self after all these years i have given up the fight to ride to the high ground in societies normal buggy just to say hey look at me i must be normal....
Vanity is a strange beast and such a beast as a cum-slut takes some devilment...even though the melancholy madness struck in its fine bla blaaaa  mode..i have bought some articles for my wardrobe plus some new toys for my pussy to train to take the ultimate real cock....i doubt it will happen but hey you never know..besides i luv the feeling as the big girth covered in lube slips in when i am in full training....
I have not sucked cock for quite awhile and as the temperatures rise so does my need to feel the full gush...though i have been milking my clitty and thinking shall i or not...
However at least i have passed this way once more and please do not leave such long gaps..perhaps i had better not hey...
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