maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday 1st March 2012.

The claws of Jan..Feb..have now been cut trimmed put away safe from my mind for another year,i sigh thank goodness. The slut inside me seems happy too again i sigh.Then perhaps i might linger here more than the once i came past here in the last month. It is not as if i had not had the urge to scribble, not taken so much time in training my pussy to take the ultimate cock i seek..but then perhaps daisies seem more acceptable as i chase pandora's dragon around the canyons of my mind.
Today has been very much a Monkey day...tracks have spun from the gold station..i thought of those youthful days before the claws of the transvestite bit into my skin and sucked the male vibe out..but hey am i worried or simply wishing the time missed could be clawed back..or am i thinking of the Sister, i saw walking out in Manchester Yesterday..she looked good in her jeans and wrapped up clothes the make up was good and she had not pushed out her chest..had i not been a transvestite myself would i have known. Perhaps..!!!
But most of all come back soon..that of coarse is me and whom is goeth. I must push this blog for myself.
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