maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 4th March 2012.

Today i endured the hotness found in the utopia of is the place where sissy's and sluts wilt beneath the closeness of real women whom wilt just as fast as flesh will melt in the claustrophobic is perhaps where my sissy thoughts are at there lowest, my vanity does not stem the tide when i think how low perhaps being a transvestite is in the great stepping outside the box of pandora's panties....
As i sit there it is perhaps the sting of youth and the age old question why me....all that male flesh on show is there budding young transvestite..should one scream no do not go there and should they be on the road to being a sissy please no cock sucking for once i tasted the first burst of cum in my mouth i was hooked into visions of drowning in the white gold...but then they might be like myself work through it..glow inside when some one calls you an excellent cock sucker...i remember having those words ringing in my ears as i stood watching from a flat window in sunny Salford as a limp cock lay on the bed freshly sucked feeling pleased that i had given some pleasure to a human being as the world raged in war...Both wondering how he produced such monstrous amounts of sticky cum as i watched the young flesh run around the playground shouting and screaming oblivious to what the world had installed for them later in life...i do like that down time the quite moments when two humans can give..the world does indeed feel that hope is eternal for all.
And as i now can think Macclesfield is really not that bad and how would the real women i chatted to all afternoon hearing all her woes, whilst i whispered i am a transvestite goeth...
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