maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Wednesday 28th March 2012.

Sunglasses in March especially up in the yonder grim a welcome surprise, so too are the real breasts already hanging out in the street corners another welcome sight as spring/summer gallops into view over that dustily horizon from the squelches of the past winter...On my wish list is a real pair of breasts, just to feel them dangle would be a big wow..i wonder if other transvestites feel the same
Again i have once more smitten, from sitting here time, is the big bad wolf perhaps one day i might cure it, probably when i hang up my last pair of stockings and no longer feel the urge to suck cocks of any size or the meantime i must seek out the white cream which is not very far from my mind on any given day....the more sunshine the worse it becomes this addiction..but ha...
This morning i have had a few hours to myself i have treated myself to something nice to insert into my pussy the large pink dildo lubed up feels bliss..lying on my stomach legs stretched wide holding on the the balls of the dildo can bring a good long strokes in and out of my pussy..i have recently bought a hard jelly one in see through pink if there is such a colour it is my ambition to be able to slip it in by the end of the year hopefully i will be content as the size queen i have felt my self become each size up makes my clitty grow the warm tingle delivers the slut i am...
Fem-dressed is also a nice change my slutty panties and peep hole bra and one or two other garments as i med about the home alone does feel so good....
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