maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 1st April 2012.

Again another first day of the month...thankfully it is Sunday..with sun shine alas with no warmth to wonder at except the falseness of it pouring through the glass window that is my wonder of the world view outside this room. For much of the winter the curtains remained has felt so good to pull back and let there be was strong enough today for me to indulge in some dry humping an addiction i have had since i was discovering myself during those wonder years in the mess of puberty when during school holidays i would dry hump for hours and i am lucky if i can find time for more than one hour during any given today was a good luxury.
Today i put past thoughts through my mind,for some reason my first wife lingered..this time it pleased me to reflect on the time,she said i was only fit to satisfy men,that by taking a lover was her way of showing that it was indeed so..the problem was she could not handle my fem side my need to be a transvestite or possibly i was one of those whom enjoyed my wife being fucked by someone else..things drifted and we parted on reasonable the time i was besotted by her and could not possibly think of living without her..or the more selfish vanity could i find anyone else.
Sitting here now i can reflect on how i passed the storm and how a more relaxed transvestite i have become and even after all that the urge to watch someone fuck my partner has never left me. Some things must be simply in us...hey ho....
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