maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 6th May 2012.

The wide blank white screen looks at me and i look back,the last visit date here makes me squirm sighing whilst thinking bugger another long gap in the twilight world of Angie..for she, i, am such a lazy slut when it comes down to the brass tacks the tingled mess of sitting her scribbling, my thoughts reasons why i indeed pull on wrinkled stockings at all. Some habits are hard to break, lazy being the most biggest in bad school boy english of simple reasons why i do not stop to linger long enough,to cover this blank screen in hunched up scribbles.
I do not even have the excuse of knelling before god and sucking the milk of human kindness..for it has been a quite time for such antics perhaps i am becoming to old...but that is such a fib in all manor of means therefore i must play on and gather such scribbles in this the year of outlandish....
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