maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday July 5th 2009.

My journey along the road of life this past few months has made part of me,the scribbling part rather more than lazy,a situation which is never far away,such is me.The big question is how to combat it,you would think after all these past 53 years i would have learned some trick to stop the rampant wandering which crawls through my crazy street mixed mind by now,would i not,haplessly i sigh for there is not much point scribbling here in such a mode,now is there.Instead i will have to motivate my Clitty and Pussy to do the talking across this key board instead of simply floating through the mind,with maybe tomorrow one of my favourite words so half of me expresses.
Summer has finally arrived and my decline in dressing as i ease into the hot months can be seen quite clearly,i am sure the slutty bitch inside me has noticed and is perhaps why i have been aroused sexually for a few weeks more than usual the slutty bitch is laughing no perhaps tormenting me to pull out of the deep pool i have laid in since my saddled work load has mushroomed these past weeks....Masturbation..for what tiny bit i have managed is not enough for once more i have to change to I...and it is really i the cock sucking mature TV in all my glory who is sitting here clitty tiny and hard..thinking why do i not pass more my clitty urge to dress rages the thought of pulling on stockings now clashes with the onslaught of rubber tyre's passing my window....As my old school teacher once said can do better....and so i must..!!!
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