maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday 31st May 2012.

The rain dribbles down the window,the outside world for once can wait,as once more i look at this blank screen before me, sigh, perhaps it, is really that long since i sat here to scribble about the mature-tv-slut whom screams at me almost daily. The problem is getting my hands to dance here in stead of living in fantasy land full of things hard which shoot the white nectar,i so crave...
I am already staring at the beginning of June,she inside tells me do better or else..which for once i believe and this time the white screen also sighs...
May was an interesting month as i bought myself a small treat a chrome metal chastity device...i must admit i gulped when i opened the box took out the pretty soft bag and pulled the draw strings to display first thoughts were i wonder what the hell the tiny chinese must think when making such instruments..are westerners mad or would such a chinese wear one..or are they too busy trying to earn a crust to even care...putting it on for the first time was hectic..the excitement was exhilarating..the sheer power of putting oneself into such a world made my tiny clitty protest as it tried in vain to comes with three rings so far i have tried two..have worn it for three weeks on the bounce and found it really concentrated the mind..the hardest part was lying in bed at night unable to masturbate...fantasies whilst wearing it have run i have teased myself in trying to make my clitty grow within the steel is easy to live my clitty can piss easy comfortable in the shower and as long as you clean regular no smell...the wearing of one under my panties has been a fantasy since i was a teen when i read an erotic story which involved a key of a device being passed under a door..however a good one up to press has been way above my pocket that is until the chinese came out to today i thank them..and slap my self to linger here more than twice in June...amongst this blank screen and also feel the urge to once more go back into the cage...   
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