maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 10th february 2013.

It is time to sit awhile let my sissy thoughts tremble across the page to give life to the darkness i have trod and to wallow in all things sissy, a life i have slowly developed into when once told i could not satisfy a real women sexually. At first i used to lay in dark corners concerned about this until i took my first cock into my mouth and let a real mans hard cock push slowly into my pussy.
There are still times when i think should and what if..however a few weeks ago when i was called by the Dark Master to attend to service his needs...all along the journey to his humble abode such thoughts trigger doubt i think this occurs when i have not sucked cock for a long while these seeds mushroom in my head i also think if i had someone to talk to about such desires such thoughts would fade away.
As i bent down took his flaccid cock in my mouth gently sucking licking off the delightful pre-cum savouring the taste all doubt left me as i felt it was not long before i was laid down on the bed and he was pounding my mouth forcing his hard cock ever deeper into my mouth for he is training me to be a good deep throat player i could feel myself gasping for breath as he delighted in pushing all his cock until his pubic hair was deep on my face yet it felt good to serve his desire to be rolled over feel all four fingers covered in oil work themselves into my pussy before he mounted me and gave the slut i am the craving i need in being simply fucked by this hard cock.
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