maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Wednesday 13th March 2013.

My panties and i are having problems i smile to myself as i let my sissy slut out across these keys for a few moments it is not hard to be aroused in this country but i doubt if they would understand how one could be turned into a sissy slut or could possibly live such life,or more to the point desire such a sexual  life. But i can at least smile and be thankful for small mercies as i have had to promise my cum slut angie some reward for remaining quiet in this hot land.
The real cocks here are much to be craved after i feel myself almost drooling to have one in my pussy or greediness one in each of my pussy and clitty however i am on my best manners and so must rely on sissy fantasy to hold me along this journey.
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