maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 7th July 2009.

OF the few blogs i have started..deleted..this one i am adventuring into has too be the strongest it has to be me..i have to have the desire to let all my female side hang loose in the is a place i might wander just for some peace and quiet..simply reminisce or be horny as befitting the realms of magic dust settling on me in any given i sit here looking at this white screen...a host of words might trip or simply just tigger through. not easy being a transvestite every now and again i run into a brick wall of words which makes me recap what i have become..the words usually come from the media and work place at work during this time the word crossdresser has sprung into conversation..the sarcasm the jokes are endless almost as bad as the jokes flying around the member of the Jackson five now lying in some dark corner of the world stone cold.I remember this person,i remember  when the media was building his universe and BEN was the song, just before i bought my first pair of panties the feelings as i drew those panties up my legs cannot be fitted into simple words,however what i always question myself on is Why..??? and where did it all come from..??? such desires to dress in female clothes.I was at home then a mere teenager they lay hidden in an old school tuck box..until my mother broke off the lock and questions were asked as to why panties were lying there....every time i see her that one small token of life simpers.
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