maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 23rd July 2013.

I have awoke today in a horny slut glands demand cock..i have been masturbating, slut is taking over my male body soon there will only be a sissy left, this i have no problem with, for it is the deepest darkest thoughts which are clamouring for a shout, to be let out and roam amongst the dark corners.
The hotness of the summer has rebounded in the eruption of scat dreams this past week the bonus if i can call it that has even made me look on Tumbla for scat blogs to masturbate over of the shit which pours out from the body even to the point where once more the thought of eating shit arouses me, added to this mix have been thoughts reawakened in the want to suck off a horse and go down on a suck at it's cock..i ask myself why such dreams arouse me what planted such all those years ago..why cannot i be a simple transvestite...Life they say...
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