maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday 8th August 2013.

For once i have time to dress if only simple a red baby doll and a soft black wrap.... as i sit here resting before this big white screen...i have to day played with a range of my dildo's each insert is bliss and my biggest pink dildo which i hope i will at last be sated about size once i train myself to fully insert this monster dildo. At the moment it is making my eyes water however with more practice and full of lube by the end of the year i hope to slip it in with ease which will give me a big wow feeling...I have also at last found some thing to insert into my pussy which allows me to be free to roam the house and have that sissy full feeling with out the fear of it all slipping into my pussy which nearly happened with a butt plug i was training with last year which gave me quite a shock as i felt the suction pulling strongly into my pussy...there is also a possibility that i could wander out into the streets with it inserted a true feeling of being a sissy....time will tell.
So today i am quite contented..yippie...
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