maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 27th October 2013.

I sigh and perhaps again, as the visit to this hallow word blog has been once more as rare as Dobby horse droppings..laziness is perhaps the big killer in my long silence, masturbation and looking at my slutty tumble blog has also taken its toll of time as each time i stray this way i promise myself so much..yet…perhaps one day. Which is strange as i am more comfortable in being a slutty sissy than ever before i have made some mistakes along the way lost some contacts through oblivion in my own thoughts as how i should behave or not sometimes things do not hold the field with some tasks given as near impossible when i had once an online Domme..there are times when i regret the retreat  however life is….
I have not sucked cock for perhaps nine months and it is beginning to tell..that desire to feel hot cum spurt into my mouth a sissy's life blood is making strange rumbles through out…my soul….i think perhaps next year i should be more the hunter rather than waiter i have also been drawn into that terrible word i have heard used as Danger Wanking…how i cringe at such crash wordage here i sissy with a snob out look perhaps is a giggle if cock sucking was not so serious for myself…even the Dark Master has not been able to travel up from London to make use and abuse me..i sigh at that…on the good point i dress more and have bought some clothes over the summer….So Goeth..for now...
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