maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday July20th 2009.

The white screen lies before me,the day a monday, the sun is shinning outside my window how am i, me the mature Tv i well..urrmmm well sat here wearing slutty black panties has to say something as the sunshine now fades.Monday is never my favourite day for scribbling the mind is never easy to play games with yet is this a game anyway being a transvestite is a way of life is it not...such as i are always in demand to be fucked by real men forced down to suck cocks,i saw some adverts yesterday i felt aroused wanting to be there then before a cock spunking out they say is and this is me....fate also plays a wicked part...or perhaps not....
Not long ago i was just being lazy..going through my slutty in box,when the chat box popped up and my old Mistress Emma was on line..i simply said hello how are you....wondering should i receive a reply to my gentle gesture..we scribbled talking mainly about Harriot another sub male being transformed to the world of a slut such as me..yes i own this slut this bitch how strange it feels also being a submissive and yet owning a sub is not easy..but i am enjoying taking this male and slowly making him wear stockings, panties, and all the other ideas floating around inside the black hole of my mind...until eventually he will be as i a transvestite and a slutty one if i have my wish.
Whilst talking with Emma i had one eye on the clock as work so often casts a spell, i was counting down the minutes to close down and work..when the subject of ownership cropped up i said i was still looking for i really need to be under  DOM to be owned,to be dominated once more when not, such a large part of my life is missing...Emma asked if i wanted to be once more under her Domination..i looked at the screen could feel my pulse come alive..even now as i scribble this the passion the lust to be dominated is spiraling up to heady heights my black panties are becoming soaked at such a thought....and so i answered yes..Emma became suddenly..Mistress Emma...and that is were i am today once more owned by MISTRESS is good to be back once more under her rule..each day i look for her sign in my inbox hold my breath feel the rush as receive my orders on how Mistress wishes me to behave.
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