maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday 30 December 2013.

Well are you..i see you are your lazy self in coming here and sitting awhile so much looking at porn i guess or perhaps the slipping of dildo's in your pussy..any way it is always good to see you and at least if nothing else you are keeping this blog alive...

Well big blank screen you are quite right Porn is such a big factor in my life addicted since reading up and buying my first soft porn magazine and then coming on to the net and wow an aladdin's cave and how deep i have ventured into the darkness and not just porn visiting the dark master early in the year and my surprise in being instructed to slip a small dildo inside his arse only to pull it out and forced to suck it clean i have to admit i luved it and he knows it as i spent most of that session sucking his arse and being told what a real dirty slut i have become…i do ask myself in the dark hours why this has grown upon myself and i have tried to slip it into some dark corner to be covered in cobwebs and left to rot away alas the burning to eat another persons shit is one of the few things at this age that makes my clitty drawl and leak and i get that hyper giddy feeling…that buzz seemingly lasting for hours…Sadly the Dark Master works away and has not managed to come up to the rainy city at all as far as being contacted…for the rest of this year…i have just sent him a little reminder that i crave his body and so we shall see what 2014 brings…
So i must start and hope that i can serve in the flesh someone new..i must make the effort to find a nice cock to suck and feel that hot seed flow….has been far too long..the year 2013..has been interesting have bought some new clothes quite easy for me to buy for myself now….fingers crossed chatted last night with a local man says he has eight inches..i want it all the way and a possible bareback which sounds yummy another of my dark thoughts erupting in my fantasy world…However the main thing for me this year is to MR white screen come and sit awhile and serve you more often than perhaps once a month…So goeth...
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