maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Wednesday 1st January 2014.

I nearly dated the year 13 so young is the year…so simple is the mind as i open the year with a promise to come and sit awhile more than the haphazard times i venture this way. This year i hope more than any thing some routine as the months drift by. The first thing i have to admit to my self that the door is bulging outwards towards my feelings for scat quite where they have come from slowly building up over the years to those few hours when my face was locked into The Dark Masters arse, with lick and suck deeper constantly instructed the time he made me pull out a small dildo from the dark passage and eat it clean and the tremendous feeling of eating it and not feeling guilty about the dark desire….covers my soul with leaves….This morning i took a picture of my first passing of the dark will grow i suspect to eating my own which i do find shocking to admit but the lure and buzz from thinking such fantasies will push my mouth closer to the edge….
Other promises to myself is to dress more and try and walk out dressed with the ultimate on finding a new cock to suck it has been far to long since i felt hot sperm shoot inside my we shall see…So goeth...
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