maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 16th February 2014.

Sunday morning bless it..the sun has broken through the blinds covering my window to the world for now the globe can stay far away to its own blood and sand battles. For i am quite content i am dressed in winter leggings and a dress top in matching colours…a big wow for me hey as i whisper to my self plus i have finished my pussy training the insertion of two dildo's yummy alas not both at once…i think i have in mind how far i want to draw my pussy..big enough to fit a large real cock, to be pumped by such a thing into oblivion in wet dreams fills me with elastic joy…i felt good to feel full i will push on to try and fit my deep red see-through one it sits there staring at me whispering are you going to..will you…ha…i dare far only the head i can push in and thats an effort i have tried lowering my self on to it but hey not quite ready…yet thinking back i could not fit in the things i can now easy slip in with lube….
Winter is for me perhaps half way through and i have not been out dressed yet so i am both watching time as i want to walk down the streets of Manchester dressed as a full fem i shall watch this space….
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