maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 11th May 2014.

May…i whisper to myself already the year rushes and i have hardly danced amongst words to let drop into this silent quarter of my world…i mean too want too however may things have dragged me, perhaps away, from sitting here even on days when the hours stretch before me time then seeing so immortal what would it take to sit here amongst my thoughts for  a few mins or so.
So far i have not sucked a cock this year i disdain…and yes having resorted to drinking my own sissy milk to pass away the hunger for a real mans cock sperm, mean while my personal war with scat..the brown stuff or simply shit…is never far away..perhaps looking at scat porn does not help…there are not many images i see after all these long years that make my clitty throb maybe not quite become the rock hardness of my early teens never the less  i pulse…feeling this warm glow surrounding my own shit sometimes when it pours from my body i liken it to having an orgasm i want to reach down under drag it in my hands and stuff all in my mouth…
This morning whilst in the cellar doing my usual sunday bits i felt the urge to shit starting i could feel arousal i could feel myself wanting to even just lick it…even having enough time to find a container squatting which i find hard that comfort of a toilet seat is extremely hard to throw away from the mind set the urge did try and make me squat i took the stance begging myself to release, alas in grained training pushed the endeavour away for a few moments until i found a container
i made it, felt my Poo pour out making my pussy expand in pleasure…i have saved it, stared at it, even had a small piss of which i have added to the belching dark the moment it lies in the dark cellar soft now but what in a few hours stone cold hard will i carry through what is in my actually masturbate using my own shit as the lube feel my milk pour out into the black drawn mess to rub it over my breasts and up to my face like so much scat porn floating around Tumbla... a magnet for my this what the search for the last samurai really means or if i find him my lust for scat will fade away on some bright mountain top…perhaps….
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