maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 21st September 2014.

Today i felt horny or perhaps unusually horny..perhaps i was thinking i should have sat here before these keys sooner but perhaps i have wrote that so many times in this journal it has worn down to the last fragment of floating cyber space...Quite why sometimes disturbs me as  slut sniggers in my ears are you not tired of porn...I know she itches for a real cock it has been almost a year since a real man shot his rich creamy cum into my mouth, in the screaming wall climbing times during the dark hours i devour my own, rolling it around my mouth, i have even milked myself into condoms and sucked on them until i burst them. With at least three in my mouth at once....
Since i last wrote i have discovered the suction pump...a big Wow...not for the idea of making my clitty it grow, but the mighty grip i feel in that tube...i have also slipped a tiny bit of oil on my milk bags and watched in awe as the tube draws them up the tube giving increasing pain as they rise...this year i have been watching men whom must have done it for years their balls like giant star fish...firmly shaved they look good enough to eat..
Autumn is coming over the hill it does seam gentle this year...time to begin training my pussy once more with that dream of perhaps one day taking twelve long inches....OOOOoooooo....and also time to go out dressed i am going to push that amongst myself....
I will not promise to come back soon as it might help in doing so if i get my own drift...
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