maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 28th September 2014.

Wow...i smile to my self..i have made time to sit and scribble my thoughts on this day. Sunshine is seeping through the blinds across the window the rush of rubber tyres outside is lush not so hectic as the working week...sometimes i hear each rush other times it blurs the day into a cascade i do not try to hear perhaps.
The weather for this September is still throwing fits around the 60F mark which is quite yummy as usually the old stockings come out wrapped around leggings....But today i sit in a long white t-shirt covering my 40DD bra which i am trying out for the first time i usually slip on a 40C however i want to show that there is possibly something under my t-shirt it might well be old socks puffed up cotton wool or perhaps some silicone false ones..i am quite pleased with the sticky out chest...a thong completes me today with bare legs.....i have managed to slip some old friends inside my pussy and introduced a giant wopper which i think is as far as i want to go and i suspect will take some training if it is going to fit it will certainly make my eyes water...with the possibilty of making my old clitty rise in style slightly. which of coarse makes me smile....
The Dark Master has entered my life again there is a chance of a meet next weekend...with some of his dirty tasks of which he is teasing me in his i shall see...but at least i have made it quite soon here in this small haven of mine. 
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