maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 11th January 2015.

I really should not be sitting here so many things are screaming to be done including getting dressed..the weekend moves faster than any other time known to biggest promise to myself this year is to leave the wine alone on Sundays altogether or simply late on when the goblins have turned from glancing my leave me in peace for a short while...
For one small moment this week a flash thought climbed into my head and burst froth everywhere...forty-six years ago this past week i was sent away to school...those three-four years are always peeking in to see how i am playing amongst my working saddle hours each time i pull on stockings or what ever..each time i ask why and had i not gone..would i have indeed turned out to be a my ripe age now i have turned being a transvestite to some thing to be proud about, in some strange way maybe it is half the battle, but sometimes i need to talk in words about it to others, whom are perhaps the same way knowing that inner voice that sometimes whispers shouts even screams dress...thankfully i can scream back....Lol...
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