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January 2nd, 2017

Monday 2nd January 2017.

My aim for this coming year...is to come and find myself here before these keys at least twice a week...to laugh giggle perhaps be serious with my self perhaps reflect also the fact i have been a transvestite for most of my life walking this planet.
I think to always ask myself quite why i became..drifted or simply born into being a transvestite is something not to pause along for any great depth...perhaps the drift into the Sissy mould on life is something to ponder quite why i like to be dominated i find strange especially when i consider my mother...a word i shy away from, even the person too, my feelings about her are unsure..i don't recall ever looking through her wardrobe as a child nor a wish to try her clothes on...i have read one or two stories from transvestites where their mother was a heavy influence...if i have to say anything..i think perhaps her coldness could have a jot to explain it...if i compare her to my aunt of which whom i did try on some of her clothes and perhaps ashamedly snip through her wardrobe when i was around my late teens....the warmth softness of her clothes on my young skin was perhaps the beginning.
As for my sexual appetite..that is one big group of Cadburys Chocolate snowmen to contemplate one i have bitten off the heads of far to many this festive season..perhaps because i imagined the taste as if real mens cum something i have hungered after this past year but not done much about seeking it out....and when so desperate i have tasted my own milk...
I have also increased my wardrobe and found clothes hidden away i had almost forgotten about..i like to roam around charity shops and my big wish is to stop saying i am buying for a friend..etc...with any other excuse which floats into my head at the moment...for it is far easier these days to buy with a smile than when i first started buy clothes..i can still recall the picture on the sales ladies face when i bought my first panties...the sheer horror or disgust could have broken glass.
Therefore we shall see what this year brings i can only say and wish my self luck with a handbag full of vanity oh and of coarse a kiss..



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