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May 29th, 2017

Monday 29th May 2017.

Not quite as soon as i wanted to return to sit awhile scribble here..time is a bug bear riding on the back of pink Elephants..which would probably make a sight worthy of this day should they be dressed as transvestites...which really means i need a shave on this Whit Monday morning to remove this male stubble of which slut waking up this morning has simply put up with it long enough she is screaming to get rid off extremely loud.
Summer is on the march as it is becoming far to hot to wear a bra under my work uniform my shirts are that old they are almost see through and thankfully i am nearing the time when i pull on my blue uniform for the last time...such thoughts are beginning to climb burst inside my head with a stardust of things i want to do in the opening year of wear blue no more. I quite fancy some bigger breasts a sort of tease to myself..that dream of having real ones is just that a dream. I have made a habit of mooching through charity shops for clothes picking up old jumpers and looking for wool dresses the odd slutty clothing passes through my fingers i feel this buzz be gin to grow my clitty begins to throb but soon dashed if the size is far to small sometimes i simply buy it never the less just so now and then i can simply feel the material as a sort of comforter i guess...especially when the garment is only a few quid to buy and after all it does help a charity.
After seeing a real fem wearing a unicorn T_shirt i just had to order one quite why this particular bug climbed into my head is unknown,was it because the young fem had big breasts which i cannot have or did seeing her take me back to my teenage years when there was no money in my pocket as the transvestite was a sap rising in my body and mind..i certainly was not sad or confused simply something that happened and having no reason to halt it because it felt so good..Which in the great wide world is Small Stuff and only pink elephants know better...xx



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