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May 19th, 2019

Sunday 19th May 2019.

I greet this Sunday morn...in the hope that this post goes well when i press the magic button to post to this here blog about she whom lives inside of myself to Maturetvslut...though these days mostly mature...which i am perhaps neither sad or lonely about...thankfully i have one or two close friends in the flesh and one or two on line friends i can coarse a few words, to all, whom are real fem's which is a comfort as most days i ask myself the question why indeed was my soul picked to have she living inside of me...i do not have regrets and do indeed now quite enjoy being a transvestite for it has simply just been a question i ask myself to move along into the day.
I had promised myself i would post a good few entries this month alas i don't think it is so much lazy slut more of time has drifted through my fingers as i have had to open close doors on other things which have rolled into my life so far this summer...wow have i really printed the word summer...well i have at least took off one winter layer and soon will have to rest my busted bra during the summer months when in certain company owning to the small fact that my bra straps can be seen through my work shirts and summer t-shirts....for not everyone understands the word transvestite, in this mad world.
Mad is perhaps not really the word i am looking for, for there have been so many wonderful mad people i only have to think of the mad hatters tea party, now there would be a time to dress as a sissy maid...however the world today is so much vindictive than i have ever known it..perhaps i have lived a sheltered life and it has always been there perhaps too living in that 60's dream world of the summer of love 1967 and the Isle of White Pop Festival 1970 and most of my youth which moulded my soul was living on the edge of the urban blight i now find myself amongst. Rather than the fields of green where one could wander blowing dandelion clocks free from hand touching souls and the blight of a Mcdonalds burger wrapper lying in the grass.
One should not drift into melancholy madness for tis but summer the temps have reached the tip of 60F..therefore onwards and upwards for the coming weeks with a promise to myself to once more not let that bitch of time elude myself to sit here amongst the words in my head and my soul amongst the panty draw which keeps her whom lives inside of me in a sort of inner peace...fingers crossed now that these few words post....Zap...



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