maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Saturday 31st January 2015.

Darkness has fallen on the last day of January..time to reflect for a short while on the first month of the new year....2015...for posting in my blog i will not give myself a gold star quite yet...but perhaps a green star, the sort teachers gave us at primary school to post on classroom walls even then the urge to outstand was beginning to poke it's head from behind the class curtain, I have jotted far more in this opening month than perhaps for the whole of 2014....
Today slut was whispering far too much, each each shop window i teased her by lingering, thinking oooo how nice to wear such and such scream scream all you want  i whispered usual my sissy self relented and treated her to a nice grey cardigan to waer around my humble abode during the winter months...the days of going in shops and shaking like a leaf in disbelief that i am buying fem clothes when i was brought up on the swagger of John Wayne no longer causes waves to smash in side my head no longer to be the macho mushroom..nor sadly does my clitty instantly sit upright, my breath stall in excitment..i now mellow, i simply leave all that rush to the young up and coming transvestites that electric feeling when first buying panties across the shop counter the glare of counterstaff as if to say..yes well thankfully today transvestites have a fairly easy ride in buying the clothes they wish to dress in....and i am today far more comfortable than ever even to the dangerous part where i could sing from the mountain top of what whom i have become....A real lady at work on friday night whispered she was going cock hunting This Saturday night..i nearly whispered can i come....!!! that i smile...give hope to the new month for more postings from this old transvestite....ha...
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