maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 1st March 2015.

February...was a slumber month for sitting here before this machine...this white screen that screams how dare you leave me so long without a single word every time i open up the page..the taunt of you have been dressing fem you sissy slut, punches my eyes and far from here even when it is closed the hissed whisper carries through the day through the streets follows myself around work hissing and spitting in my mind you slut scribble....
February has been a busy month what is left of my male self has been twice as busy to make up for what tiny male is left inside me...and then there is always the lazy word slut whom always thinks tomorrow tomorrow...therefore best become seriously on good terms with the hisser's...
I smile ...Winter is still with us only the name of the month has changed....i am dressed in a long thin woollen plain dress that kisses my ankles when i walk..this past few months around these four walls my bust has grown from i think..and will i venture out as 40DD is a big quiestion mark i have to think about....that would please slut and her whispers....even though i have bought quite alot of woollen clothes this winter my love for Baby Doll nighties has not wained so i have slipped one on today under the wool dress and to finish a simple red short sleaved wollen jumper...
Thinking about sex is beginning to grow back its dirty head, i texted the Dark Master in London just to let him know i am available to serve his needs once love hate relationship with the dark stuff comes goes with the changing seasons i had thought this winter i had removed it totally however it's creeping into my fantasy world once more....which means more thought to throw around my mind and on that note a tiny rest thinks i...
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