maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday 12th March 2015.

I sit stare at this blank screen and do indeed wonder where the week has vanished to, so many hours now crunched behind me..visions of what i was going to do on my weeks leave away from work are that simply visions chained to thoughts of melting snowballs...punctured by blips in pulling on my panties..i have managed to slip on a bra this week the encasement makes me feel fem enough to believe that at my age there is still some thoughts of not burning my bra quite yet....milking myself has been a pleasure too, unhurried not as thick as i used to be whether because i have been sissy mode for a good few years now or simply old age and too much wine....either way..its no use to a real women..i recall in my youth being resentful about the ease when near a lady the suddeness of flowing milk would spurt..the older i became the more i dressed..Plus two ladies i met not so much in flesh but in words across the net...has made more relaxed and content with what i have become enough to let it ride over myself to become nearly as fem as i could possibly be. Old words old taunts still hang behind dark doors...I watched the film...The Imitation game...this week....and how easy it was to bring up thoughts on my youth and how easy it is to be alone stranded with no one to talk to...over the world of being a transvestite....i think this summer i have to find someone of my age group perhaps impossible however the road is long and just perhaps around the bend will be a transvestite sat next to the...Last Samuria... 
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