maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 2nd August 2009.

I have spent a few days away from this red bricked horde i surround myself in...alright it was simply another one,raindrops fell also in heaviness to cloud the mind into dour thoughts enough to pull wrinkled stockings above the head and scream up at the scurrying water rich clouds, the clouds would not roll away but the feeling of evaporation from the sigh in ones mind would make me skip for a few tiny steps.
That ball in the sky did erupt on the second day the red bricks looked far happier, the cities fountains glistened i could feel such a clod rising up into the sky was a busy couple of days but i did manage to do a small wee bit of window shopping looking at all those high heels i could feel my clitty going oooohh with envy..the retail giant river island was having a big sale,no time to venture inside it reminded me of the times in youth walking about Cities with not one single penny in my pocket almost licking the windows as i peered in on all those cakes, the rumble inside my tummy as i then called it playing tunes as i turned away..HA..i have to say now but with a smile a hunch of the shoulders on those days when cakes and chocolate were the forefront of my mind rather than the transvestite i have evolved into down the years.
I can remember the first shop i stood staring at and the feelings the urge to buy and wear..nothing erotic, no open crotch panties no suspender belts in raging pink...simply middle age strong white bra's you could fight a battle in, the girdles so tight on those dummies i thought they whispered to me " please let me out..take me home with you " was not something sudden i did not wake up one morning i am a transvestite just a slow motion building up over a couple of teen age years until i could not stand it any longer not knowing whether simply fantasy in the nights where i masturbated for hours on such dreams of dressing fem. Until the day came when i bought my first items slipped into them and gosh and here i sit a transvestite.
Am i ashamed at such that i have turned was at the beginning many times i have thrown my clothes away,thinking yes yes i can be a normal society stick..however it did not last long until the power within said, fuck that your a transvestite and your not getting away how they laughed then, it has took a long while for me to laugh with them poke my tongue out and blow Raspberries back at my own moon landing
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