maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday 16th March 2015.

Mothers Day a supermarket were bunched together on the floor, their pretty colours, in extra loud coloured pots wrapped in even brighter wrapping paper were knocked down to half price....Standing at the store entrance beginning to wilt they spoke volumes of untold stories..whispers of this, that,and the other crept out the petals getting lost amongst the flow of people with plastic bags then out into the night air, lost gone untold and perhaps soon forgotten for another i passed i glanced..did i think half price not bad or simply they did well to have so few left untouched....unsold...A letter in the one newspaper over the weekend from a daughter about her mother was simple enough the gift of a token to have lunch together was returned with the caption..." We will not be needing this..."..i recalled this line as i walked past the flowers..i suspect each mothers day forth with..this small line will linger for a few moments during the coarse of the day...For myself yesterday i had simply just had to dress for the peace of my own mind...if i had a golden wand would i change anything now..perhaps not....there is no blame nor regrets for one tells you to pull on a dress for the first time, its just something that happens you watch your hands reach out, you watch your feet step in, the feeling as it slides up your young body is simply a wonder, the mirror you first glance in makes you go gosh..The first clothes i tried on were my aunt's....there was something soft warm about my aunt there should be an aunts day....
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