maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Friday 27th March 2015.

I sit this morning with a can of 7UP..for for the human factor i am home alone for at least a few hours...over the years as i have travelled the transvestite road i have found each time i pick up a can of 7Up..i do linger on thoughts could i take seven nice hot cocks one after the other on a sunny afternoon into my pussy to gorge on all that hot real mans cum..flight of fancy perhaps..but one never knows what is around the corner as one turns the bend on lifes rocky road....I still have a passion for baby-doll nightie's and have recently picked up two more one of which i am wearing growing lust for wool has meant on this chilly spring morning i have a nice grey cardigan to keep that whispering air on my bare legs only..i did think of pulling on my wrinkled stockings this morning but i have a feeling that Clive is going to come out to play...Clive is a pink see-through dildo just smaller in width that my can of again with age..the word size Queen speaks loudly...i cannot explain really why i have moved this way but as each new gerth is reached and with training it slips inside my pussy with a ease i fel this big wow...i was talking last night to a fellow worker and his tales of tripping in his younger days is how perhaps i feel when i insert into my pussy that filling up feeling and the sheer bliss as clive slips and slides is perhaps my own version of tripping....
I have recently been playing with a suction pump watching my clitty rise and fall is so absorbing that i am thankful i did not find this delight when i was younger or my clitty would by now be one hell of a shape...i have been trawling the net looking at men whom have been doing this for seems like centuries some of the sizes shapes make me drool..not that i want one but to knell down and play with their monsters is perhaps some thing else to think about when the flight of fancy grabs myself.....
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