maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 8th September 2009.

The claws of autumn are already pulling at the soft under belly flesh of summer,the season with least resistance soonest to disappear into the dust covers of history books.As i watch this daily move, time also whispers in my ear, enough,enough of staring for hot summer days,even those that never arrived,instead of this madman-ship to now concentrate on scribbles here.
A time to pull on the wrinkled stockings and once more trip along the light fantastic.To clip the suspender belt feel that rush as nylon slips up legs, far to old to feel such, to cover those purple veins only fit for old pantomime days,how i wish when i once had such a body of youth...but time does not stand still so why bother dwelling in such...better to laugh giggle at the first time i bought panties that youthful 15 year old who stammered out, held out hands, as the old grey haired give me such dagger blows with eyes i almost ran off into the fresh air..but i stood with such tiny panties in hand only to receive in brown paper bag the ride home on the bus the climbing of stairs then gosh what luxury...Ha no doubt today if i still had such, they would perhaps cover only my big toe..a smile then to begin the autumn perhaps so.
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