maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 14th April 2015.

Almost half way through April already...time indeed is zapping away without myself even hanging on to shirt flaps of any sort....the weather thankfully is picking up on the warm mind is beginning to uncover the slumber of winter and my eyes are beginning to stare hard at untouchable real mens crotches as i pass in the street or perhaps where ever i stumble across during the hours i leave these four walls....must have been a year since i felt any seed burst between my lips or feel the pumping of hardness in my pussy..something has to be done this year.....
Last night i found some quiet time..the building i was in was empty except for the warmth of the lights left on...a small room has a chair...what i would do if someone stepped through the door is something i do not wish to think about but then again sometimes it would be nice to talk to a fellow traveller along these roads and some times the dare of being caught can add the extra buzz....i carry two dildos with of those double ended thin 16 inches and a rather stubby small thick black rubber felt good to be naked under the heat of the small light lube up and slip inside my pussy the 16 inch gently probing to how far i can insert its a gosh when i can slip in 14 inches filling myself up with a sigh and a wow with thoughts must do more often...the short stubby one stretches and i need to be stretched the old bug of being a size queen eats into me most days..its but finding the time...sigh and gasp as i took stubby all the way..the thought of a real mans one pumping away..brings the head of my floppy clitty...along with thoughts perhaps i should also carry a large clear pink one the next size up and about as far as i would like to be stretched..i think then i would be able to take any man in my any wild beasts i come across
As spring summer enters time to put away some of my woollen garments i have bought quite a few this past winter as my wardrobe begins to increase...i remember once in an effort to cure myself from being a transvestite i packed a bag and in one dark night threw them all away in some dark did not take long..for the urge to dress fem to gather force befor i began to buy once more and dress...i am not sure whether one is born a transvestite or it simply happens when reading the back of a cornflake packet in youth..the only thing i do know its me....the other day a lady commented on catching a glimpse of the chains i wear around my neck....she passed a comment that i would be in fem shoes next...i was so tempted to mention the word transvestite alas being in work clothes i backed away sighed and thought wow....
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