maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday 16th April 2015

I can hear the clocks in this room echoing..the dim light mellow..the rush of rubber tyres a mere whisper outside this window..i have perhaps tonight only a few moments to sit here.....i really need a shave...i am not a big fan of pubic hair on my own body perhaps it reminds me of what is left of the male..or that small boy thought...that pubic hair grew because one wore long trousers...i wore shorts until i was 14...thinking it would keep them away....i recall an old school friend who was so proud of his that he showed them to me on a weekend he invited me to his home perhaps he wanted more than that, as i was still smooth at that time..sadly i was still quite behind the door and oblivious to any advances made..sometimes i regret such and others i simply smile....and move on up, for to dwell on past misses only makes the world sadder....but i do wonder where he is and how his life has developed surely i cannot be the only slutty transvestite coming from that school but then again perhaps so...
I have also stummbled across a blog on tumbla that houses such giant cocks that make me sigh too much, it's making my pussy twitch which is perhaps a good thing by making me move towards something real this year....alas if not, to bring old clive out lube him up and drift into the darkness this bit of rubber pinkness at least brings some relief....
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