maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 19th April 2015.

Sunday morning..perhaps the best morning of the week..usually this time i am in the kitchen washing up last nights pots and pans..throwing out the empty wine bottles and thinking perhaps i could live like this for a few years at least..before i would put on the pounds of flesh..not quite where i want them would be good if my breasts filled out to twice the size..but i expect it would be my mid-rif and thats enough of that...thought this Sunday....
Yesterday afternoon..i ventured into Town....for a few hours away from my male uniform and swamped amongst the sights sounds of the urban sprawl, when i have not ventured in those streets for some time they become quite scary all that throng in all manner of size shape all those breasts coming out to greet the sunshine all those dark patches in males strutting there stuff was as always entertaining as i imagine all males to be that size and girth...???... a stretched pussy sounds wonderful....Sadly i was not alone so the trawl around the fem shops touching running my fingers through soft material and looking for my bra size had to wait for another time....the day finished with supper in one of those fast food bars with thumping music and thumping prices for drinks..a sign of old age when one goes how much...however the young girls laughing all in high spirits depending which birthday table they lounged at, all dressed up to the nines was a sight to drink in as current fashions were all before myself, could i wear this, that, am i perhaps to old for that..brought the darkness of the night and the walk back to the car park through the throng of party goers lurching from one wall to the other singing dancing or plain wobble down the centre of the my youth i have done the same i simply smiled reflected on those days and the people whom have drifted through my mind, hands and easy it is to drift from souls....
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