maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 31st May 2015.

Masturbate your way to success ! a quote i have floundered across this morning as i brushed through the net with that Sunday morning huff and the rain dribbles down the window of this room...and if i had ticked off all the days i have indeed masturbated in this room..some super some just tired flops..i do wonder how many it would be...such a thought ponders also where i have been..some of it lazy some of it perhaps that tired wrench of opening to many blank doors that to often pause before i have had time to pass through....that old transvestite flea in the ear has perhaps whispered far to much...have been chatting on a transvestite chat page hooked up with some thick seven inch cock so yummy i could almost feel it pushing into my pussy..alas all to soon i could not make midweek dates and he could not make weekends..there fore silence has marked the i ponder whether to push open the door they say life is..somehow i wish it would bend my way on at least the cock side been far too long..dildo's are nice but they do not spurt...that desperate cum one gets addicted to once tasted....sigh...
Must also get out the tired old whip and flag myself to come and rest amongst strange words in this small corner which is me...Anyone whom passes this way as it is Trinity Sunday God Bless....
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