maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 7 June 2015.

Myself me and gently this Sunday morning..the machine hums, the big white screen stares back....a can of open the bubbles squeak..the garden awaits for later in the day..for now i let slut out from the darkness where i hide her...i am having a slight crush on one of my fellow female i have known for a long time..the crush is mainly in words i have no desire to unbutton her blouse...but i hold back the desire that i want her to know that i am a transvestite..some times one has to talk to somebody..this urge comes goes filters through daily life and burns itself out down the line at some far that point seems so far away....
I also have been having thoughts about letting clive into my pussy the next size of opening my pussy....i stare at my can of 7UP..i have had many  dreams about the can size..the yes is beginning to ghost out the sensible no....we shall see.....time now to take myself and my baby-doll nightie down to the kitchen the dishes need doing the hornyness has to teased for a a milking is Goeth....
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