maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 18th October 2009.

Wow..the Bitch..has i luv such a word,it just fathoms my mind into spit and polish two words, a drift in times gone by, another decade another generation...yet there must have been such as I..even in those dark days in deep winter scrub leafs scratching down glass goblin rain..Halloween approaches..thankfully the Bitch is on the way up through the fathoms of gulping water troughs..pull up the panty draw..pull on the stockings swish to the strip green bough and a you who reads perhaps i must scribble more now the Bitch has returned from the fog,the fog of non pooh sticks,the fog of lost summer deep in hard pews oak..maybe ash nails scrape the wood tales told remember the eaves songs sing...Abide with me..eventide sally's in the wind, kisses are blown to those whom care to read amongst the weed in the sea..set whom who sail tack and bring in the is dreams...
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