maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday 10th August 2015.

I have time to sit at this machine stare at the big wide whiteness thinking gosh here goes another week....i have for a short while been glancing at celluloid real cocks..there in all glory both rampant soft shooting gurgling..whilst i finger my floppy clitty hungry for a real one to capture for myself to fumble over feeling myself ouse with delight, i sigh in the thought for now celluloid is it.I stare at the blank screen think on all those in the past whom have filled me with gooo smile..shrug and gently move on..this past week has been about self in quite moments the feeding of my sexual wants demands i have perhaps over indulged with nettles as my clitty feels dry with a tiny itch is this perhaps it demands more or simply says a rest...this summer i have more than indulged perhaps because i have found some real tight intensive stingers before this summer i really thought i was immune from down the years..simply the bite was not there...
My pussy has been blessed this past week thin purple Ronnie 16 inches long dildo slowly crept inside feeling its way inside for 14 inches i gasped with joy..i like to stretch also the dream of taking a real massive cock inside me makes train for such a dream day..Black Mambo..i would say a medium girth with about 6 inches is easy to insert rides in real nice in training for Pink Clive whom for myself is a monster i have early in the year managed to insert it all and i still thought perhaps one more size up and i will be content..and yet i have glanced across the net at those horse dildos and watched as one was inserted to an extent where the ridding of it looked so easy i could feel my clitty watering the slut inside sighing and whispering go for it..we shall see.
Autumn is on the way i hope to dress more with a double hope to walk the streets..slut whispers this almost each day therefore i must give her strutting self some time...seeing how i have bought a few things over the Summer for her...
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