maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Wednesday 12th August 2015.

How much can I scribble in six minutes sheltering from the heat of the day in a distant car park the fact I feel the summer horny...perhaps sat in my favourite panties or perhaps, short of a few good cocks without a doubt one has to do ones best pull ones vanity out of the darkness and scream...six minutes almost up time to ride the biggest cock of all time it has four wheels...sigh..

The ride on four wheels was sapping must not grumble..darkness has fallen and i have come to the white screen to play with my mind, a blessing and recuperation away from the manic life out side my's sunshine brought out the best in Breasts...they seamed on each street corner young old big as rocks tiny as plumbs....Oooo i want some...Amongst them all i glimpsed an old crone out walking her dog, she was braless, for her age, perhaps, however i admired her for her envelope on life tiny little things poking from a white jumper she smiled as i drove past, i smiled back sometimes a smile is enough to pull one through the day...thankfully this evening i have pulled off my panties my tiny clitty says thank you and how about a shower yes it's been that kind of day...and time to get back in the routine i am looking forward to autumn simply to dress...however i shall whisper that for a few more weeks of summer will be nice...
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