maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Friday 21st August 2015.

I am in amongst the urban sprawl...a mixture in steel fences barb wired kisses.... there is nothing fem within my view... I can just glimpse a cock in a plastic hat driving a fork lift truck as Friday unfolds resting here on this street panties thoughts on cocks this mobile phone is perhaps the nearest thing to a cock I will hold today..I am not dispondent probably a little weary chasing time... I have this week text that dark master possibly begging for his cock....I did receive a reply perhaps September.. I was joyous for a reply but sighed for time again...I have also found a small snippit of time to insert purple Ronnie into my pussy it was a marvel just feeling it slip in of the 16 inches I am now up to the yummy stage of 14 inches my sissy body is sometime marvelous but needs more practice if i am ever going to take my dream into the darkest of places...
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