maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 30th August 2015.

I sit here in my scruffs...fem loose leggings plus a floppy T-shirt...the concrete sky awaits out side my window...i itch for the comfort of a bra and will don one once i have scribbled here for a short while..Sundays are my favourite day meaning i can let out the slut a bit deeper she purrs, as she knows as i have long given up the fight to lock her away in chains throwing her in a long dark cellar hoping the urge to release her will fold away in some old forgotten suitcase..i have just read part of a blog this morning were a fellow sister has thrown all her clothes away hoping that such a deed would solve all her problems...
I remember in my teens doing just the same, i even now through climbing on the work saddle pass the small clump of tree's where, what i thought was relief in case my parents found my small stack of clothes and all those blockbuster male movies that used to haunt me over the delight i found in dressing fem, cringing as i exited the cinema poking out their tongues whispering sissy as i turned the corner in the night...thinking with each footstep no more...i am not sure whether i believe one is born a transvestite or some morning the urge to pull on a fem clothes is found in a cornflake packet....i used to take the family dog and stare outside fem shop windows bra's sitting on half plastic model fem's feel this sensation growing in my pants wondering what the fuck and yet the joy was a fabulous sensation...Forty-Five years later i am still here...though the sensation in my pants simply does not rush as in youth..yet i am content...and for this Sunday that is enough with the real world almost exploding....
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