maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Friday 11th September 2015.

I am again simply wearing floppy fem leggings...i am beginning to let go of the work saddle no longer watching the clock to see where i should be...i still rise early out of my pit of dreams Black Goblins still give me a good kicking the mind has more busted bricks than i can imagine for now at least...i have tortured myself this morning by glancing amongst the real cock blogs on tumbla hot cum dribbles through my mind my clitty is alive but not stiff...not right for even an old transvestite to have such glimmers as hardness...
Last night i watched the film...Fury....such films play games amongst the playing fields of my soul being a transvestite can be awkward, sometimes i think why was i not born like them..big he-men the what if's run as if a river in questions and answers...
But i have learnt not to destroy myself in dark thoughts i am simply me and when i glance at real stiff cocks all those questions melt down to one i want one in all holes deep thrusting stretching my pussy even further to that size queen idea to take the biggest dildo i have my minds eye on...i just have two sizes to go and hopefully i will be most satisfied and content..or will
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