maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 13th September 2015.

Shortly i am off to Barcelona for a few days break away from the lousy wet English charge the working saddle batteries for the coming dark months of the year, with company where perhaps Panties are not recommended to be seen in public. Therefore what small amount of male left inside this skin the small boy will have to hold the fort, pause and say and do the nodding donkey things in life my generation was brought up to do...
I think slut can cope...after all this morning i have been looking at sissy Maid uniforms on the net half promising to buy her one. I have been also far to lazy to open my transvestite e-mail account and one or two groups i belong too..last night i opened one up to find i had missed an invite to play a country cottage for a day with an invite for all week should i want..sadly i let out such a heavy sigh and slut screamed her head off..therefore better buck up and move the part of lazy slut to some dark corner...routine like pulling on panties is perhaps the best road...with that in mind i watch the clock for flight times...and yippie away...go i....
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