maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 11th October 2015.

October already, moves into double figures as the calendar begins it's free fall towards the unstoppable festive season...This week has been particularly super fast in coming to myself being sat here with time to drift over this screen with random thoughts as well as trying to stop myself from being full of lazy urge and emptying my sissy i am home alone with nothing but ticking clocks and the feeling of being fully fem dressed in black in honour of those nightly black goblins whom invade my head each night with strange dreams some people say you dream about what you want or crave perhaps desire sometimes i wonder for last nights dance with pink laced hop nailed boots goblins was certainly bizarre and am thankful as i sit here that most of it has vanished as noon approaches...
My crush to tell a fellow female worker that i am a transvestite is becoming quite powerful the urge ponders down to a whisper should i or should i not..each time i work with her and we are alone for brief seconds some remark is made conversations have drifted over high heels to a small giggle that the fashion for coconut water...has a taste like cum...something i have not had pumped into my mouth for quite a while so much so the urge to suck cocks is becoming dangerously acute...
I have also began to drift through my fem clothes being surprised how much i have and quite forgetting some of which i have..will have to stop buying baby doll nighties i have so many which does make me smile..some fit well overs are better looked at and perhaps fit a real women far better than my panto self....
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