maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 18th October 2015.

This morning i have made an effort...a slip of lipstick bright red..clear nail varnish for my raging nails at the end of my wrinkle hands...old age is creeping ever closer yet i am feeling quite bright up for the smack in the eye of thoughts.. climbing amongst the tangled strands i grip on too as i foot first down life's rocky road my body carrying this mind round each bend sighs..sissy again oh well ever onwards....
There was some banter in the office this week about was not good a fate worse than death..faggots....oh well i thought can't be all straight what a world it would be..the shrunken thoughts left my mind after a day or two with a touch of the frock to be even more diligent about my sissy living within me...she of coarse wanted to launch her handbag there way a bit of vitriol down there closed minds...
Am slowly going through my clothes a big tidy of my panty draw this morning brought out again...did i really wear those gosh...for sentimental reasons i have kept my auntie's and a pair or two that someone sent me..i folded them this morning placed at the back of the draw,all sorts of memories cascaded....i prefer to wear things now they give that tight feeling reminding me with each step whom i wish to be...out of the few inhabitants whom i carry each day...
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