maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 15th November 2015.

I did not buy...nor did i receive one of those big birthday badges found in shops to celebrate those years makers of brash badges think are important to the vanity of some of us. Nor after walking the planet for approx 525,600...hours did i receive some pink panties wrapped in fancy wrapping paper....I did however have a week away from the male working saddle during which i was approached by a lady of the night whilst in a foreign City to perhaps walk down a dark ally to perform the male thrust....i would have surely disappointed her, in my few seconds spurt her money would have been quickly won....A lady i lived with once told me i could not satisfy a real women and could only satisfy a man i recall being extremely hurt,my male ego of the time bounced around my mind in a riot of thoughts the number of books articles read by candle light to cure this thirty second thrust could possibly rise up the the moon and back.Had she been able to stand seeing me dressed and being able to turn me into a sissy and took to the life of having other men to satisfy her we might have still been together...i could have certainly took to that life even to the fact if she brought them home however life is and i saw her in 2013..and am glad that life took a different fork in the road....i have made myself into a sissy maybe not quite all the right clothes but then whom has the bible for such...and not being able to satisfy any women does not really bother me now in fact i have turned the tables and enjoy the fact plus i have never had any bad words saying i am no good at sucking cock and i have sucked a fair few some even only lasting a few seconds and i can understand disappointment especially when i had hoped for a good few hours with a hot cock in my mouth......I also thought that when i reached this milestone i would hang up my bra..and drift into old age as a deflated male..However i have spoken to myself as this date approached and have even these past few weeks bought some what i call day dresses just to wear at home...and as they say once a sissy always...
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