maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 27th December2015.

I shall leave rubbish reasons in words to where i have been for the last month to simply blow in the wind...make no promises for the coming year..then perhaps it just might work and time simply could be on my side of this transvestite tight rope i walk wobble and sigh through in wide open eyes....
I even let a tiny sissy beard grow during this heavy work saddle month being quite glad to remove it yesterday along with the small growth of pubic hair around my clitty i am now quite smooth and whilst shaving my reacted with a clench and a moan where have you been with added retort of no strange beasts being inserted either.....please do better...was the final sigh as i climbed out from the shower to admire my body in the bathroom mirror as i pulled on the cloak of visit family and play charades with the outside well as them sometimes i can feel myself being cut in half whilst i stand and make small talk..about the weather and how traffic on the road is a never ending i sometimes to think what is it to be normal in their sense...Perhaps and perhaps not.....So Goeth...
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