maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday 28th December 2015.

The working saddle of the past four weeks or so is beginning to where off..sissy is beginning to brush away all the reasons why she was forced into second place..perhaps fed up of broken nails the silly beard left to grow how she coo'd when the pubic hair from her clitty was removed in am evening shower...there was some sunshine quite briefly she lingered over some porn earlier she would like to be pegged quite violently from the pictures she coo'd at..there is a nice stockings and tights site which has made her purr you would think she has enough already in stock...also on her mind was going out onto the streets dressed the feeling of the breeze on stockings whilst walking is quite something
Her real lady owner whom is not sure how to handle her demanded being satisfied going down and feasting on a real women's pussy playing with real nipples and the art of going for the dark stuff between those buttocks made her clitty quite tight...Other methods were used to bring her to orgasm..every real women right and perhaps every sissy's right to watch a real man satisfy her to orgasm with a real cock would be quite a dream and then i think a dream it will least sissy is allowed to dress in front of her so who the future....
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