maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 20th October 2009.

The wind bites,Autumn, Winter is embedding fast..far too fast for my liking, for my frame of mind,Today i walked through one of my old haunts i wanted to see what had replaced the old book shop where in my youth i pushed through a curtain in the back of the shop to view and buy those magazines in which scantily clad ladies spread within the pages..i do regret throwing those plies of mags away in all my hectic moving during those years,i often think just how those young ladies then, must look now, i wonder how many made their dream come true for that country cottage with all those pound notes in earnings from being unwrapped by the camera.
Perhaps if only i kept one. Pulling up my collar i ventured deeper into town my Mistress wants me to be publicly embarrassed by buying some fishnet stockings by saying that they are for is hard to explain such a feelings in both approaching the usual female staff or the fact that i enjoy being humiliated at being asked to perform such a request...especially as all this is done by the simple command in the need to be owned and the sexual embarrassment of her knowing i am a slutty trannie within. Even though i know deep down i perhaps will never meet her that feeling of ownership still rides high in the wind of kites, bare knuckles wander, feet trip hands brush fem clothes in perfume filled stores the soft touch the fabric, the baby doll nightwear all ribbons and tiger feet..i did so enjoy today perhaps i will pass this way again soon also.
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